Wrist Pin (Custom Design)
Wrist Pin (Custom Design)

Wrist Pin (Custom Design)

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All Pins are Titanium with DLC coating

PRICE TO HIGH - Our prices are calculated automatically. If you can get the same quality part for a better price at one of our competitors please send a note to info@tricktitanium.com. We appreciate the extra effort to help us out and in return we will work to make sure you’re glad you did. 

NOT SURE - We understand that designs vary greatly. If you don't know "all" the dimensions, it's ok to "LEAVE IT BLANK". We will call you to fill the rest of what we need. 

DRAWINGS - If you have a drawing, or even a handwritten sketch you can simply upload that instead of filling out the form. 

REQUIRED FIELDS - All we ask is that you "DO" fill in all the “Required” fields, so we get the price right and we know who to call for questions. 

REVERSE ENGINEERING - You can also send in your part  for reverse Engineering. Make sure to reference your 'ORDER NUMBER" on the shipping box and also write it on that part.  We would also appreciate it if you put a copy of your online order inside the box.